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The Adolescent Literacy KnowledgeBase

The Adolescent Literacy KnowledgeBase provides ways to integrate literacy and content area instruction across grades 4 through 12. The KnowledgeBase supports content teachers with resources to make their teaching more effective.

Element 1: Nature of Adolescence

Purpose: Understanding the nature of adolescence lays the foundation for developing effective instructional strategies for adolescent literacy. Possessing such awareness will be helpful to middle and high school level teachers to enhance their teaching methods. Element 1 provides resources about the adolescent learner and the culture of adolescence.

Activity 1: The Nature of the Adolescent Learner

Activity 2: Be Aware of the Culture of Adolescence

Element 2: Adolescent Literacy Concepts

Purpose: Understanding adolescent literacy lays the foundation for developing effective instructional strategies. Possessing such awareness may be helpful to middle and high school teachers. Element 2 provides resources about adolescent literacy concepts and the role district and school staff members have in improving adolescent literacy.

Activity 1: The State of Adolescent Literacy Instruction

Activity 2: Roles for District and School Staff Members

Element 3: School and Community Context

Purpose: Understanding the state of adolescent literacy at the district, school and community levels is necessary to improve adolescent academic achievement. Element 3 provides resources to assist educators in deepening their understanding of adolescent literacy issues, developing a school and community profile, involving parents and community members and interacting with policy makers.

Activity 1: Literacy Instruction Context

Activity 2: School and Community Literacy Profile

Activity 3: Parents and Community Involvement

Activity 4: Policy Makers Interaction

Element 4: Literacy and Content Area Instruction Integration

Purpose: Research demonstrates blending literacy instruction with content area instruction is an effective approach to addressing adolescent literacy. Content area teachers play an important role in adolescent literacy development. Element 4 provides resources to assist content area teachers to integrate literacy instruction in their content area.

Activity 1: Literacy and Content Area Instruction Integration for Grades 4-5

Activity 2: Literacy and Content Area Instruction Integration for Grades 6-12

Activity 3: Impact of Transitions

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