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C3 and SC3 planned and delivered a day and a half seminar to invited state leadership focused on valuing equity and diversity in public education. The purpose of the seminar was to develop a better understanding of the compeling national interest in equity and diversity and its importance in public education at state and local levels. The seminar featured keynote speaker Dr. Paul Gorski, a leading national expert in equity and diversity issues in education from the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University. Content experts from the Midwest Equity Assistance Center and the South Central Collaborative for Equity presented current trends and issues, facilitated follow-up discussions and participated in a panel discussion with follow-up intra- and inter-states discussions.

Associated Documents

  1. Keynote Presentation PowerPoint by Paul C. Gorski
  2. Panelist Biographies
  3. Personal Reflections Sheet
  4. Presentation PowerPoint by Bradley Scott
  5. Question Traveler Team Discussions
  6. Seminar Agenda