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SC3 Cross-state Convening: NGPLI© (SC3 Projects Update June 2019)

The South Central Comprehensive Center (SC3) at the University of Oklahoma Outreach gathered education professionals for the Next Generation Professional Learning for Impact© (NGPLI) Cross-state Convening on May 8-9, 2019. The convening was facilitated by and Beverly and Etienne Wenger-Trayner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NGPLI practices provide educators with the types of learning experiences that are likely to result in effective instruction and positive impact on student outcomes. For two days, SC3 and state teams used a social learning construct to engage in vigorous inquiry into the next generation of professional learning. Cross-state groups used a collaborative, problem-solving format to introduce and explore topics of interest. Topic groups generated hypotheses and committed to applying a plan-do-study-act process to offer more effective professional learning practices based on their collective expertise. After teams have the chance to apply their own learning to at least one professional learning opportunity, cross-state groups will reconvene to share the outcomes of those experiences to reflect on the results and learn from one another.


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