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School Climate Surveys

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There are a number of approaches to assess a school's learning climate. One such method is to survey the students, their parents and the school's staff. The sample surveys illustrate ways of doing so.

Sample Surveys

ED School Climate Surveys (EDSCLS)

The EDSCLS national benchmark study questionnaires for students, instructional staff, and noninstructional staff/principal cover 3 domains and 13 topics. Figure 1 shows the EDSCLS domains and topics. The questions in the EDSCLS are not of a sensitive nature and should not pose sensitivity concerns to respondents. All survey questions are focused on the perceptions of respondents regarding various aspects of school climate. Questionnaires are available in PDF format through the links below.

Student Questionnaire PDF (English)      Student Questionnaire PDF (Spanish)      Instructional Staff Questionnaire (PDF)

Non-Instructional Staff Questionnaire/Principal (PDF)

School Climate Questionnaire

This simple one-page questionnaire can be used to uncover differences in teacher and student perceptions, as an activity to open professional development programs related to school climate or safety, or as part of a larger school-climate assessment that also includes interviews, focus groups, and other tools can also be adapted for use with parents.
School Climate Questionnaires: Instruments to Measure Teacher, Parent and Student Perceptions of School Climate (PDF)

National School Climate Center

The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) is a nationally-recognized school climate survey that provides an in-depth profile of your school community’s particular strengths, as well as areas for improvement. With the CSCI, you can quickly and accurately assess student, parent/ guardian, and school personnel perceptions in order to get the data that you need to make informed decisions for lasting improvement. The CSCI school climate survey is an empirically validated tool that has been used by thousands of educators, students, and parents/ guardians nationwide.  School Climate Portal

Elementary School Student Survey    Middle/High School Student Survey     School Personnel Survey       Parent Survey

Survey Monkey - School Climate Questionnaire

SoGO Survey: School Climate Survey for Students

This School Climate Survey for students asks them to reflect on school experiences in the current school year. Topics include academic preparation, student support, parent involvement, safety, school operations, and transportation.


National Center on School Climate

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