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Programs for English Language Learners - Key Evaluation Elements

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Alignment with Goals

Does the evaluation focus on overall as well as specific program goals? Do the goals address expected progress in English language development and subject matter instruction?

Comprehensive Scope

Does the evaluation cover all elements of an ELL program, including:

Program implementation practices (such as identification of potential ELL students, assessment of English language proficiency, serving all eligible students, providing appropriate resources consistent with program design and student needs, implementing transition criteria, etc.)?

Student performance (such as progress in English language development and academic progress consistent with the district's own goals)?

Information Collection Methods

Do information collection practices support a valid and objective appraisal of program success? Is the use of observational information as well as a review of records considered? Is appropriate data maintained so that the success of district programs can be measured in terms of student performance? Is the data organized and arrayed in a manner that enables the district to evaluate student performance outcomes over time and to follow the performance of students after they have transitioned from ELL programs?

Review of Results

Does the evaluation process result in sufficient information to enable the district to determine whether the program is working and to identify any program implementation or student outcome concerns that require improvement?

Plan for Modification/Improvement

Has a process been established for designing and implementing program modifications in response to concerns identified through the evaluation process? Does this process take into account information provided by stake-holders and persons responsible for implementing recommended changes?

Implementing Program Changes

Are modifications scheduled to be promptly implemented?

Ongoing Review

Is the program evaluation ongoing and sufficiently frequent to allow the district to promptly identify and address concerns with the district's ELL program?

Alignment of Evaluation with Goals and Objectives:

Does the information collected permit an assessment of performance in comparison to any specific goals or measures of progress that have been established for the district's ELL program, and whether ELL students are meeting those goals?

Source: 1991 OCR Memorandum


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